All Day Wedding Service

A typical all day wedding setupUnlike many other DJs, I offer an all day wedding service.

What’s that?

Quite simply, I’m with you and your guests from before you walk down the aisle to the end of the evening reception.

Many venues now offer ceremony music as part of their package, which normally entails somebody pressing the play button on a CD player.

How many of them will cue the music at a specific point (for instance if your processional has words which mean something special to you), or have the ability to adjust how the music’s being played to suit the occasion?

Many venues now also offer background music during the wedding breakfast. But how many of them give you the choice of selecting exactly what you’d like to be played and when?

Imagine the bridal party being introduced to the reception room with a favourite upbeat track, or you as a newly married couple arriving to a rapturous round of applause!

That’s where I’m different!

What do I provide for the all day wedding service?

  • I provide a discrete ceremony system for the wedding room and will be there throughout the service to control the various different pieces of music you’ve selected.
  • The disco will be set up in the agreed position and dressed according to your wishes prior to the arrival of you and your guests in your main reception room.
  • Background music agreed with you will be played as your guests enter the reception venue
  • When it’s time for the wedding party to enter the room, I can introduce them to the rest of the guests either formally or with a little pizazz – dependant on how you’d like this done.
  • If you’re having a self service buffet type breakfast, I’ll call the tables to the buffet area in the correct order
  • I’ll make any announcements required by you during the afternoon
  • I’ll introduce the speeches and the individual speakers, and obviously provide wireless microphones so that they can be heard by all.
  • I’ll announce and make a feature of you cutting your wedding cake.
  • If your guests are to leave the room during any room turnaround after the wedding breakfast, I’ll make sure they’re aware of where they need to be

Want to know more?

I’m always happy to talk through your plans for your big day, even before you book me!

Why not get in touch to see how we can work together to create the perfect end to your perfect day?

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