Evening Reception

Evening wedding reception
The formalities of the day are over, the Best Man (or Best Woman) has performed his or her traditional roasting during the speeches, the tables have been cleared…..it’s time to party with your evening wedding reception!

During the evening reception, you’ll probably have guests joining you who haven’t been present during the main parts of the day.

You’ll naturally want to catch up with them and of course, let your hair down without having to worry about how your entertainment is going to work

Having discussed your preferences at length with you prior to your big day, you can be assured I’ll be doing everything the way you want it done!

YOUR evening reception

The evening reception will traditionally start with your first dance as newlyweds.

Or will it?

Just because it’s “tradition” to do a first dance, doesn’t mean that you have to do it!

It’s completely optional (a lot of couples really don’t feel comfortable dancing alone in front of their friends and family), and I won’t pressure you into doing it if you don’t want to.

Of course if you are doing a first dance, I’ll work with you and your photographer/videographer to ensure that my lighting is going to provide the best atmosphere for them to create those all important memories. Should you wish, I can also use confetti at a set point during the first dance as an indication for your guests to join you on the dance floor (you don’t have to dance to the entire track if you don’t want to!).

Want to know more?

I’m always happy to talk through your plans for your big day, even before you book me!

Why not get in touch to see how we can work together to create the perfect end to your perfect day?

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What do YOU want from your evening wedding reception?

Emma-Jane and Jacob's wedding receptionI’ve met and spoken with hundreds of couples over the years and during that time I’ve learned that no two weddings are the same.

In fact it’s not unusual for each half of the couple to have different ideas on how they’d like the evening wedding reception to be! It’s one of the reasons it’s so useful to meet up with your Wedding DJ before the big day to be sure that he/she can provide exactly the type of evening wedding reception you’re both looking for.

  • Maybe yours is a same sex partnership and you’ve got ideas which break from tradition?
  • Maybe you’d like to set your own standard in the way the evening wedding reception is structured?

Whatever your requirements I can work with you to create the reception that suits you and your personalities.

  • How do you see yourselves – extrovert or introvert or a bit of both?
  • Will you make a grand entrance onto the dance floor for the first dance of the evening, will you have rehearsed a special dance routine?
  • Alternatively  do you prefer as little “fuss” as possible or would you rather not have a first dance at all?

A lot of couples can feel nervous and exposed as they take to the dance floor for their first dance.

Don’t worry….there are ways around this and I’m more than happy to work with you so that you feel as comfortable as possible to achieve the result that suits you! Holly & Dale's wedding reception

Some of my clients have rehearsed special routines, ranging from ballroom through a variety of styles to jive and modern dancing.

On the other hand some have dispensed completely with the first dance.  The point is to do whatever you feel is right for you.

My goal is to help you achieve that.

I’ve played at all sorts of weddings in the past, from highly structured evenings with a variety of special dances, grand exit, events such as sparklers and fireworks, games and bouquet tosses, to completely relaxed affairs where the only important aspect of the evening is having a full dance floor for the duration of the reception.

Whatever it is you’re looking for from your evening reception….I’ll work with you to achieve it.

I’ll also do my very best to accommodate last minute “events” in the evening. Some recent examples include:

  • The bride and groom changing their first dance song because too many people had guessed what it was going to be
  • A group of army officers serenading the bride
  • A bride who wanted a special mix of YMCA which went from the version by the Village People to a version by the Black Dyke Brass Band because her husband grew up in the area
  • An impromptu visit from the Power Rangers in full costume and with the proper introduction and theme music because of something which happened on the stag night
  • The “Hens” performing a routine to It’s Raining Men complete with umbrellas

The Music

Holly & Dale's wedding receptionProbably the most important aspect of the evening’s entertainment of course is the music.

  • Is there a particular type of music that you and your guests like?
  • Is there particular music you really don’t want played during your reception?
  • Are there songs which may have a special meaning to you and your guests?

Getting the music right is what can make your wedding reception a great night.

When you book me, you’ll be given access to my online planning tools so that you can make any selections you’d like to hear (or not hear) before the big day.

Should you wish, I can even provide you with a web address which your guests can use to make requests before the day.

The End Of The Evening

All good things must unfortunately come to an end, and the end of the evening can be just as important as the start.

Would you prefer your guests to leave your reception venue singing? is there a memorable song which will bring everyone together on the dance floor? Are you planning on making a “grand exit” from the venue?

Whatever plans you have for the end of the evening, I can help you to make them a reality. Why not get in touch for an informal, no-obligation chat about your event reception plans?