Frequently Asked Questions

Booking your wedding entertainment is a big decision. You (hopefully) only get married once, you need to know that your wedding DJ is experienced enough to be able to entertain your guests and ensure that things run smoothly on the day.

As you’d expect, I get asked a lot of questions from potential wedding couples and I’m more than happy to answer them. Below are just a small selection of some of the questions I’ve been asked recently.

Of course, if your question isn’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Are you insured?
Yes, I most definitely am. Most wedding venues nowadays will insist on proof of public liability insurance, and I have policies which cover me for £10m. A condition of my public liability insurance is that I also have my equipment professionally tested annually (otherwise known as Portable Appliance Testing or PAT). Many venues will also ask for proof of this, and I’m more than happy to forward my testing records on to them should they be needed.

How much do you charge?
The multi-million dollar (or maybe not) question. Each and every wedding is different. There are different requirements for what I need to do on the day, different equipment is needed, I may need to travel several hours to get to your venue, I may even need to bring assistance for difficult access. Each and every wedding is priced individually depending on a lot of factors. Please get in touch with the details of your wedding for a firm quote.

How long have you been a wedding DJ?
A long time. I DJ’d for my first wedding couple way back in 1988 (the first dance was Phil Collin’s Groovy Kind of Love from the film Buster!). I took a short break at the beginning of the 21st century, and came back to DJing in 2012. I’ve been working professionally as a wedding DJ ever since.

How many weddings do you do in a week?
It depends on the timespan between the weddings and whether or not they’re all day weddings or evening only receptions. For evening only, I’ll never work on more than two in a week, and there must be at least a day between them. For all day weddings, it’s strictly one a week. By working this way, it ensures I’m never too tired to give everything to your wedding.

Have you worked at my venue before?
After so many years as a professional DJ, there aren’t many venues I haven’t worked in previously. That said, new venues are opening all the time and occasionally I’ll be asked about a venue I’ve never worked in before. When this is the case, I’ll do my very best to arrange a site visit before your wedding to ensure I know exactly what to expect on the day, what equipment will suit the venue best, and what the venue’s rules are so that there’s no surprises on the day.

How many songs have you got?
A lot! My library is currently 40,000 high quality tracks, all legally sourced and licensed. Some DJs will brag about having several million tracks (which isn’t actually possible). Even if they had a million tracks though….think about this one….at an average of £1 per track, they’ve invested £1m into their music collection….I don’t know many DJs with that sort of money.

All of that said, in the rare event that I haven’t got a song you want for your wedding, I’ll do my very best to source it (legally of course) for your big day.

Do you take breaks?
No – I’m not a band. The circumstances vary a little though. For an all-day wedding, I’m generally not required for a lot of the wedding breakfast and although I’m available should you need me, I tend to leave things running until the important parts of the afternoon such as introductions etc. For evening receptions, I don’t take a break from the moment I press play on your first dance until the end of the night (apart from the occasional call of nature which is more than achievable whilst a song is playing!)

Do you act as an MC/Toastmaster and make all of the announcements?
Of course I do if that’s what you want. Although I’m not qualified as a professional Toastmaster, I’m more than capable of making those all important introductions and announcements.

What is your music policy?
In short, I don’t have one. I play the music you’ve asked for whether that’s the entire playlist for the day, or just a few favourties. If there’s music you’ve specified not to be played (whether that’s a specific type of music such as cheese, particular songs or artists), they will not be played.

I don’t have pre-determined playlists for weddings, because there’s no way of determining what will work on the night once I start work.

I do however, where possible, try to play the “clean” (non explicit) versions of songs where possible.

Do you take requests from guests?
Yes, if that’s what you want. I’m more than happy to take requests from your guests on the night because they’re more likely to dance to music they’ve chosen….and my job is to keep your dance floor busy!  That said, if there’s music you don’t want to hear then it won’t be played no matter how much it’s asked for on the night.

Of course, it may be that you don’t want me to take requests and I’m more than happy to work whichever way you choose.

What happens if there’s a power-cut on the day of our wedding?
That’s a question you need to ask of your venue I’m afraid. Although I carry a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), it won’t keep things going for more than a couple of minutes and is used to “condition” the power going to my sensitive equipment. If the power is lost to your venue, the disco is one of the least of your worries….the venue will lose all lighting, the bar will stop working, the kitchens if you’re having a hot meal won’t be able to continue….

Do you need a deposit and do you provide a booking contract?
Yes, and yes!
To secure your date, I require a non-refundable deposit of £50. I also require you to sign a contract which specifies exactly what I’ll be providing and when. By both agreeing to a contract, it ensures we both know what’s expected and what will happen on the day.

Do you bring backup equipment?
Yes, because the thought of something going wrong and stopping the party scares me as a professional!
I carry spares of all of the most important pieces of equipment to ensure that i can do everything within my power to make sure your party continues in the event of something going wrong.

Do you set up a sign/advertise during weddings?
Certainly not – although I can name several that do. Personally I find this offensive and tacky and have never liked the idea. I’m there as a paid supplier for your big day and don’t need to advertise who I am. If your guests like what I’ve done, they’ll soon ask for a business card or ask you for my details.

How long does it take to set up and remove the equipment and does this cost extra?
Firstly, no it doesn’t cost any extra. The price I quote for your wedding will be the price you pay and will include considerations for things like having to hire help for setting up in difficult to reach functions rooms etc. There’s certainly no hidden costs or extras (unless you extend the end time of your reception on the night).

Setting up and removing the equipment depends massively on the access to the venue. I have some setups which can be on site and playing music in 30 minutes, and others which require an hour.  I’ll generally work to have the sound running first so that I can at least put on some background music whilst I set up the lighting though.

What is the deadline for giving you any playlist information?
In general, this is THREE days before your wedding, although the sooner you can get the information to me, the better. This gives me time to compile any playlists and to obtain any music I might not have in my collection.

What will you wear to our wedding?
Whatever you want me to….although I do insist on wearing clothes!
In all seriousness though, I try to dress for the occasion and will normally work in the clothes as seen in the video on my home page.I’m more than happy to work in full black-tie, smart casual or even fancy dress if that’s your dress code. The only caveat is that the clothing I wear must allow me to do my job safely and comfortably.

Do you drink during my wedding?
No…well not alcohol anyway! The only liquids you’ll see me drinking during a wedding are water (which I provide myself) and coffee if it’s available. I have to remain professional during your wedding and alcohol really doesn’t help that, plus I have to drive home at the end of the evening.


So hopefully, that’s answered a lot of the questions you may have